New For 2014 – The 6.4L HEMI® V8 Engine

New For 2014 – The 6.4L HEMI® V8 Engine

2014 RAM Truck

The HEMI engine, a way of life! Since the HEMI engine was introduced by Chrysler Corporation in the early 60’s, it has been an engine design that has not only survived, but with enhancements it has continued to meet the fuel economy requirements along with pulling and towing heavy loads. I do not like to use the word “improvements” when an engine is performing at the highest of standards and providing the much needed horse power and torque required to satisfy the truck owners of the past, however, I cannot resist saying the all new 6.4L HEMI® is a step-up in the Heavy Duty truck series. The standard of all engines whose design is a hemispherical combustion chamber is the 5.7L V8 HEMI, which has proven over the years to be the workhorse of light duty trucks.

6.4L HEMI V8 With Fuel Saver Technology

Now, the 6.4L HEMI V8 with Fuel Saver Technology is available in the heavy duty RAM trucks for more horsepower and torque, which simply converts to more pulling and towing power. We always turn our thoughts to a turbo diesel and not a gasoline engine when we have a need or job that requires an engine to do more work. The new HEMI will change those ideas with better fuel economy and less rpm’s when a comparable load is moved.  Certainly diesel engines are proven to be relieable when the heavy work starts, but this gasoline engine is capable when it comes to an additional cost of a diesel engine along with higher cost for diesel fuel in today’s market.

Comparing To Other Manufactures

Comparing to other manufactures heavy duty engines the HEMI produces and much as 50 Hp and 24lb-ft of torque. This equates to less engine stress when doing a compatible job.  The 6.4L HEMI® has very impressive qualities. It is rated at 410 HP, 429 lb-ft of Torque, maximum towing of 16,300 lbs, and a maximum payload of 3,970 lbs. Let’s compare this to a 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel. The turbo diesel engine has 40 less HP, 370 lb-ft of torque, 1,670 more lbs of max towing, and 830 lbs more max payload.

These numbers are very important when an engine is performing. The less strain equates to better performance and longer engine life. Considering it all the HEMI’s performance is close to that of a diesel engine.

Looking back over the years, yes, there have been a lot of improvements to that original HEMI engine such as the Multi-Displacement System (MDS) also known as Fuel Saver Technology (FST) which shuts off four of the eight cylinders when less power is need. This can be on a level surface or traveling downhill to save valuable fuel. Variable Valve Timing (VVT) opens and closes valves based on engine speed and driving conditions.

6.4L HEMI engine.

You will find the 2014 HEMI® V8 engine with Fuel Saver Technology in the 2014 RAM 2500, 2014 Ram 3500, and the 2014 RAM Chassis Cab. These trucks have been engineered, designed, and manufactured for performance and power. This is critical in today’s truck market whether it is for pleasure or business use.

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