Mopar – More Than Parts

Mopar – More Than Parts

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The word Mopar is associated with quality. First trademarked in 1937, it is the source of genuine parts and accessories for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) automobiles. The name is derived from a combination of letters from the words MOtor and PARts. These letters form the term MOPAR, a term we are all familiar with in the automobile industry that is recognized for quality and other original equipment manufactured parts for Chrysler vehicles including RAM, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Fiat automobiles.

More than Parts

After purchasing a vehicle manufactured by Chrysler Group LLC the care and service of the vehicle according to the manufactures warranty is very important. Your service and parts departments at Hoyte Dodge provides a staff of highly trained personnel to properly maintain your vehicle and keep it in high quality running order.

Mopar also builds a small number of customized vehicles, high performance engines and parts for specialized high performance projects such as drag and track racing.

For Parts and Service

Service Dept Hoyte Dosge Sherman

Hoyte Dodge’s Service and Parts Departments offers the performance parts, accessories, and maintenance for your new pr pre-owned Chrysler, jeep, RAM or Dodge vehicle. We provide the best of the best. Simply schedule a service appointment on line by calling our service department 866-445-9112.

Parts Dept Hoyte Dodge Sherman

Order parts on line or contact us at 866-450-0285. Hoyte Dodge offers a full line of new Dodges, RAM Trucks, Jeep SUV’s, and Chrysler Cars and Minivans. We also have a large inventory of Pre-Owned vehicles.

We are located at 2300 North Highway 75 in Sherman Texas. Contacted us by calling 866-211-9037 or visit us on the web at hoytedodge for a complete listing of current bargains on new and pre-owned specials. You can like us on Facebook, pin us on  Pinterest, or follow us on Twitter.

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