Jeep Wagoneer – History Repeats Itself

Jeep Wagoneer – History Repeats Itself

Thinking back to the early years about some of the first SUV’s, the Jeep Wagoneer comes to mind. I have always had an eye for the first the Jeep Wagoneer that was produced as a luxury SUV back in 1963. A young man at the time with a family to raise it attracted my attention for the space inside that allowed room for the whole family plus all of the luggage need for a long vacation. The “woody” design gave it character and an air of luxury. Yes, I do go that far back and can remember a neighbor down the road showing off his brand new Sports Utility Vehicle long before anyone thought to call a all purpose vehicle a SUV.

Popular SUV

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hoyte Dodge

The successor to the Willys Jeep Station Wagon it was a very popular 4X4 that was rugged and competed with other off-road vehicles during that time frame. This popular design lasted until the 90’s when the Jeep Grand Cherokee began to stand out as a popular SUV. The Cherokee ‘s popularity has increased for a number of reasons, four wheel drive, a strong suspension with the capability to travel off-road and in advertize weather conditions in the comfort of a cockpit with heated seats and the world famous Uconnect communications system. This has all lead to an explosion in the SUV market.

2014 Dodge Durango Hoyte Dodge

Then there is the very popular Dodge Durango. A larger SUV than the Grand Cherokee it is designed for today’s suburban living. This includes a life style that is more outdoors than inside, one of cooking burgers on the patio or tailgating in the parking lot of a favorite sport, then pulling a larger boat to the lake on the weekends for skiing or fishing. The Dodge Durango is the vehicle for all of these and more.

What’s Next?

Think about these two great SUV’s together in a Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The styling, luxury, and popularity of the Grand Cherokee with the best-in-class 4WD on the market and with the size, interior space, towing power, and frame of the Dodge Durango and you have the ultimate suburban SUV. Is this possible? Yes, it should be available in 2017, maybe sooner. We are looking forward to driving a new 7 seat Jeep Wagoneer.

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