All New 2016 RAM Laramie Limited – Luxury Redefined

All New 2016 RAM Laramie Limited – Luxury Redefined

2016 RAM 1500 Limited 2 Hoyte Dodge

Pickups are designed and manufactured to work. We often think of a pickup as that beat up, dirty truck out on the farm or ranch getting the job done. Although this is the image of a pickup it has now evolved. Not only is one used for work, but also the vehicle driven by the family or executive for transportation in everyday living.

RAM Trucks have made changes that redefine the image of a pickup. The designers of the new 2016 RAM Laramie Limited have crafted a sophisticated body style featuring read wood, liquid graphite, chrome buckles, a lot of chrome, and the luxury of black leather that all come blended together with beauty, elegance, and practically.

What an Interior

Stepping on the standard wheel to wheel side steps brings your attention to the revised floor mats. The interwoven gray thread resembles the interior wood patterns. Extra detail is given to accenting the interior with elegant changes that catch the eye and invites the driver and passengers to take a seat in all-leather Black Natura Plus seats featuring embroidered pinstripe details  with the RAM Logo. A new state-of-the-art console stands out with a new design featuring a premium tambour style console door finished in Liquid Graphite and real Argento wood.

dash board

Next, attention is turned to a new design for the Laramie Limited is a six-ring instrumentation cluster that is pleasing to the eye with easy to read instruments that allow the eyes to stay on the road while keeping track of the vitals of the engine and traveling speed.

2016 RAM Limited Grill

A new grille design stands out as a major change. The familiar crosshair style is replaced with flowing parallel grill openings and a rebranded tailgate sporting a new RAM logo with 20 inch letters and tail lamps that stand out.

2016 RAM Laramie Limited Dealership

Available in the 1500, 2500, and 3500 Models, the New 2016 RAM Laramie Limited can be purchased from Hoyte Dodge in three models. The popular 1500, the durable 2500, or the powerful 3500.

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